But we are still here for you! Please read more here.


But we are still here for you! Please read more here.

Dr. Joan Fleischman – MYA Network

Connecticut, New Jersey & New York

Abortion Pills, By Mail!

Convenient and Personal

Know your doctor and receive personalized, confidential and supportive care from start to finish.

Please Note: Your information is private and confidential and you do not need to provide your legal name.

Meet Your Doctor

I’m Dr. Joan Fleischman.  I’ve been helping women with the abortion pill for over 25 years.  Because of the Covid pandemic, I am now able to mail these pills directly to you. This means that I can help you end your pregnancy from the comfort of your own home.

This service is now available in Connecticut, Delaware, New Jersey, New York and Vermont.

Our Advantages

Know your doctor & team

Over 25 years of experience

Next day delivery

Individualized care

FDA-approved abortion pills

24/7 care & support

Our Guarantee

What if it doesn’t work?

Sometimes the abortion pill doesn’t go as planned, and you may need more medical attention.  Don’t worry.  We’ll make sure the process is complete.  You can come to our private office in Manhattan.  We will evaluate and treat you for no additional cost.

As part of our promise we are able to provide the safe and simple Manual Uterine Aspiration procedure to end your pregnancy.

How Does This Work?


Am I Eligible?

    You may not be eligible - Please click here to contact us so we can help

    You're eligible - Please click here to complete your booking with us

    We will also ask you details about your pregnancy and medical history.


    Video Chat With Your Doctor

    Your elibility will be confirmed and your medications prescribed


    Your Abortion Pills, Delivered

    Your FDA-approved pills will arrive in an unmarked box along with a MYA care package


    Follow Up With Our Team

    By phone, text or video chat

    Your Abortion Pill Experience


    Receive your abortion pills and personal care package

    First Set of Pills

    Take the first pill that ends the pregnancy.

    Second Set of Pills

    Take the second set of pills 6-72 hours later. Expect cramping and bleeding.

    Support & Comfort

    You will have the right pain medicines and can reach us 24/7.

    How does the abortion pill work?

    The Abortion Pill is considered an early abortion method, because it only works during early pregnancy. Under 10 weeks of pregnancy, the uterus is getting ready for the pregnancy by developing a thickened lining inside, called “decidua”. The decidua is similar to the lining that comes out with your period, but a little thicker. This is why the Abortion Pill is said to “bring down your period.”

    The Abortion Pill is actually two sets of pills. The first pill blocks the pregnancy hormones from reaching the uterus, so the tissue lining stops growing and starts to detach from the uterus. The second set of pills causes the uterus to contract and the cervix to relax and open. This induces your period, or causes an early miscarriage.

    Does the abortion pill hurt?

    Typically, there is no pain or cramping after taking the first pill. Most women experience strong, period-like cramping for several hours after taking the second set of pills. We will give you strong pain medications that should relieve this cramping. Some people get severe cramping that can last 6-8 hours.

    How much bleeding will I have?

    The earlier you are in your pregnancy, the less bleeding you will have. Typically, after you take the second set of pills, you will have several hours of bleeding, heavier than a period. Within hours, the bleeding should become more like a period. This bleeding will last usually a week or more. It is common and normal to have irregular bleeding that lasts for weeks to months. The average length of bleeding is 6 weeks. This bleeding can be spotting, bleeding that stops and starts, or daily bleeding. It is normal to have bleeding that is red or brown in color. The passing of small or large clots is common and normal.

    Can I take the abortion pill without anyone knowing?

    Yes. It is easy to disguise your symptoms as a bad period or an early miscarriage. A doctor or medical professional cannot tell if you have taken the Abortion Pill.

    How much does it cost?

    The price with us is all inclusive no matter what happens.

    $300 when we book the video chat with the doctor, and $300 prior to mailing your abortion pills.

    If you need to come in for an in person follow up or on the rare occasion the abortion pill doesn’t work for you we will see you at the office and complete your termination at no additional cost.

    Our Mission Statement

    At MYA Network, we have a clear mission: To expand early abortion options in primary care settings. Keeping your decision private between you and your clinician.

    Why is this so important? Early abortion is safe and common and should be fully integrated into regular medical care.

    We are dedicated to taking care of you, emotionally and physically. We want you to look back on your experience as a time of personal growth. We know your trust in us is paramount to being at peace with your decision.