But we are still here for you! Please read more here.


But we are still here for you! Please read more here.

We are clinicians, patients and activists who work to normalize abortion care, medically and culturally.

Let’s normalize abortion care medically!

Early abortion is safe and common and should be available wherever patients get their regular medical care.

For patients: 

To find a primary care clinician who provides early abortions in their practice – just click here.

Since Roe v Wade in 1973, abortion clinics have done heroic work, but because most abortions are provided in stand-alone abortion clinics, this has limited access to this life-saving medical care. Many people do not have an abortion clinic in their county or even state, and abortion clinic patients are often targeted for harassment by pro forced birth activists.  Early abortion is safe and common, and fully within the scope of care of primary care clinicians.

For primary care clinicians:

If you’re interested in providing early pregnancy care – miscarriage management and/or medication abortion and/or procedural abortion, please contact us here.

Let’s normalize abortion care culturally! 

– Our medically accurate photos of early abortion tissue challenge the dominant imagery of abortion and early pregnancy. These photos were originally published in the Guardian and the New York Times for the public and are now integrated on UpToDate – the most used resource (online textbook) for medical professionals.

– We promote the use of manual uterine aspiration (MUA) which has the potential to revolutionize miscarriage management and early abortion.  Featured in The Guardian, manual uterine aspiration is a safe, simple, in-office medical procedure that removes early pregnancy tissue from the uterus. We share videos and information about this technique that can be used in many different clinical settings (such as offices, emergency departments and internationally) because it is portable, quiet, and cost effective.

– We elevate the voices of patients who have had abortions.  We believe it is important to center the experience of patients. These stories can help others feel less alone and change the narrative about early abortions.

– We collaborate with artists and activists to change the images people associate with abortion. The Whitney Museum program “Picturing Abortion“, and Democratic messaging in Wisconsin featured our images.

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Early abortion is safe and common.¹ We offer you private and personalized options for ending your pregnancy.

We are a network of clinicians² who are expanding early abortion options in primary care settings, while normalizing abortion care.

View images of early abortion tissue here.

Please contact us at any time with your questions or concerns. One of our dedicated staff members will get back to you as soon as possible.